We are your Benefits Administrator and that means we can generally assist you with questions regarding your active and Retiree Plan Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision benefits. We can also assist with Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment as well as Short Term Disability benefit questions for all non ABX participants. Additionally, we administer the COBRA Continuation Coverage when active participants terminate active coverage for a qualifying event and can help with COBRA coverage elections, payments and general benefit questions.

Your employer makes a weekly or monthly contribution on your behalf, and once we receive that contribution, we establish your eligibility and share that with our various networks for Medical, Prescription Drug and Life/AD&D providers.

For most of our participants, the Plan uses Medical Mutual as its medical PPO network and CVS Caremark as the Pharmacy Benefit Manager. For ABX members, the Plan uses United HealthCare as its medical PPO network.

The Plan is Self-Insured and self-administers the Dental and Vision benefits (for those contracts that call for this benefit) and Short Term Disability (AKA Loss of Time) which means we process the claims in our Fund office in Toledo, OH for most of our Plans. For ABX participants, the dental and vision benefits are fully insured through MetLife and EyeMed, which the Short Term Disability and Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) benefits are provided through other employer sponsored plans.

Board of Trustees

The Plan Sponsor and Plan Administrator is a joint Board of Trustees. One half of the Board is comprised of Teamsters Union Representatives and the other one half of the Board is comprised of Contributing Employer Representatives. The names and principal places of business of the Trustees are as follows:

Ohio Conference of Teamsters

Union Trustees
  • Patrick J. Darrow (Chairman)

    Ohio Conference of Teamsters

  • Mark Schmiehausen

    Teamsters Local Union 20

  • Tom Croft

    Teamsters Local Union 908

  • Travis Bornstein

    Teamsters Local Union 24

Employer Trustees
  • Steve Harper (Secretary)

    Spartan Nash

  • Wendy Weese

    East Manufacturing Corporation

  • Terrence Schaefer

    Kuhlman Corporation

Teamsters - Ohio Contractors

Union Trustees
  • Doyle Baird (Chairman)

    Teamsters Local Union 92

  • Ralph “Sam” Cook

    Teamsters Local Union 377

  • Scott Wilson

    Teamsters Local 637

Employer Trustees
  • David Coniglio (Secretary)

    John R. Jurgensen Company

  • Michael Ciammaichella, P.E.

    Ruhlin Company

  • Suzanne Hall

    Complete General Construction Co

Fund Office Staff

The Fund Office is located in the Teamsters Local 20 building in Toledo, OH. The Fund Office staff includes:

  • Daniela Janceski, GBA

    Fund Administrative Manager

  • Jennifer Artz

    Assistant Fund Administrative Manager

  • Julie Ann Yeager

    Accounting Department

  • Monica Vollmar

    Contribution & Eligibility Department

  • Darla Strzesynski

    Claims & Customer Service Departments

  • Sunni Sobczak

    Claims & Customer Service Departments

  • Danny Milenkovski

    Data Analyst/IT Liaison